This is Ege Or’s personal website. All are written voluntarily and after a hard work. If you are interested in R programming language, the features of RStudio or any fields of data science, then let’s start scripting :)

You can find here my R works in English. For my dear Turkish friends, I will add some contents in Turkish soon. Polish? No way! The hardest language ever. I believe that it is even harder than Malbolge programming language. The page is brought to you by me, as of now. If you want to learn more about me, you may jump to this tab. Blog topics can be updated and found below. You can also catch the following posts here.

The status of blog topics can be followed below. Shaded boxes are actual topics, shadowless boxes are future topics. I am trying to obey the dates which are given in the bubbles below, as much as I can.

NY Times & Leaders
May 21, 2018
A sample sentiment analysis for 4 current country leaders with the New York Times newspaper; news retrieval and keyword extraction.

Fetching Twitter Data Using R
Jun 6, 2018
Explanation for all steps in order to integrate R into your Twitter application. How can R obtain Twitter data and what we probably see after it.

Shiny Server on AWS!
Jun 30, 2018
Installation RStudio Server and Shiny Server on AWS EC2 instances with Ubuntu 16.04. Also there are possible solutions for non-zero exit problems.

WhatsApp Chat Analysis (Part 1)
Jul 12, 2018
A text data analysis work on WhatsApp chats: I would explain here how to analyze the sentences, response time of your conversation friend, and so on.

WhatsApp Author Prediction (Part 2)
Jul 29, 2018
Can we predict the author of a new message in WhatsApp group chat? This work includes two supervised learning methods for prediction: k-NN & SVM.

Let’s Shiny!
Aug 15, 2018*
A sample Shiny application. Let’s begin with a dynamic regression application! Import a csv file into the app and solve a basic OLS regression automatically.

Language Structures & Prediction
August 2018*
Book analysis in different languages from Guthenberg project. Linguistic structure comparison. Author and book prediction with SVM and xGBoost may take place.

Sour Scrapping
September 2018*
How to obtain website data with R, how to analyze them? A sample with Turkish phenomenon Eksi Sozluk. A graphical and predictive analysis of authors and entries.

Cultural Difference and LASSO
September 2018*
A statistical research about cross-cultural studies. Binomial LASSO regression application onto holistic thinking approach with respect to cognitive psychology.